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Avinash Mukherjee: Try to keep it real on social media as life is what matters

Mumbai : Avinash Mukherjee’s idea of love is something that is pure and it means the world to him. The ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2′ actor thinks every living human being needs a longing and bond and there is no single creature on earth who can survive without love.Love means different things to different people at different stages of life.”Yes, not just romantic love but human love too, love for general humanity is very important. And I feel social media has made things very picturesque and created an obnoxiously crazy high standard for nothing.The lines between the real and virtual have blurred. And we can’t just blame social media, we have also been party to this change.”We have to keep our mindset clear, remember that it is just pictures which are printed or the videos which are being made to showcase something and it’s not necessarily a reflection of what exactly is going on.

So yes, I also try to keep it real on social media because real life is what matters, and it will matter forever,” he adds.Even if one falls in love, giving time becomes an issue these days. “Time is really a concern given the kind of fast lifestyle we are leading. But if the love and dedication are genuine, your family, friends and soulmate will understand,” he says adding that, unlike some, he does not think that love is an illusion, but it’s just one’s mindset and viewpoint, and how they look at it.It is often said that celebrities are always chasing fame and don’t find love. But Avinash does not agree. He adds, “No I don’t think so. We all are humans. Celebrities’ life is just public and that’s why it’s just most scrutinised, but I feel the definition is different for different kinds of people. Whether someone gets love or not has got nothing to do with their profession.”


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