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‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’: Shanmukh’s girlfriend stands by him despite negativity

Hyderabad: Shanmukh Jaswanth, who is one of the finalists on ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’, has earned a certain amount of negativity for his behaviour on the show.He was seen as controlling his co-contestant Siri. ‘Bigg Boss Telugu’ viewers even called him a toxic person, after a few episodes.Shanmukh Jaswanth’s girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina, who is also a famous TikToker and ex-contestant on ‘Bigg Boss’, reacted to the trolls and messages related to the current season. Though she did not say anything directly, she shared a quote about toxicity.”I was toxic to some, I was blessing to others. Others I healed, Others I hurt. I’m willing to admit that I wasn’t always right”, her Instagram share post reads. Deepthi wrote “Okay?”, just to convey that she still supports Shanmukh, even if he is called names.

As Sunaina also has a huge number of followers on social media, she is also being tagged in the comments and trolls related to Shanmukh. As Shanmukh is physically close to his co-player on the show, Deepthi’s fans are also upset with his behaviour.”I have seen Deepthi grow and only grow higher. She deserves to be with a better person than Shannu”, one of the comments read, while “She is smart and mature enough to decide on Shanmukh’s behaviour. And, please don’t drag her into these petty things. Once the show is over, the two will decide about their relationship. Who are we to suggest them?”, Sunaina’s fan commented.”So, she approves of his behaviour? Who are these kids? Just normalising such narcissistic behaviour on a national show? Girl, grow up before it’s too late”, another wrote on Twitter.Despite being a strong player, Shanmukh’s behaviour has left his fans upset too. His being possessive about Siri is labelled as ‘toxic’ behaviour by viewers of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’.



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