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‘Dildariyaan’ Spoiler Alert: Avni accused of theft publicly

Chandigarh : In the show ‘Dildariyaan’ we see Amber and Avni clash again. Apart from this Avni will be seen facing a severe accusation and humiliated publicly.The new show is leaving no stone unturned to attract the viewers at least, in today’s upcoming episode Avni be seen facing humiliating accusations for committing theft at a party in Amber’s house.
Amber’s mother accuses Avni of stealing a heavy necklace and Amber’s phone is stolen. Avni is publicly humiliated as the stolen stuff is found in Avni’s purse, but Amber is aware that Avni is innocent and that she has been mistaken as a thief.Are all these allegations true or is it someone’s conspiracy to trap Avni? Is Avni really the culprit of stealing?
Watch the show today at 7:30 PM and know what the show’s more dramatic story brings to the audience only on Zee Punjabi.

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