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Important to stay relevant as an artiste : Mona Patel

Mumbai : Australian singer-songwriter Mona Patel, who recently released her latest track Take Me Home, says that being active on social media is very important nowadays.”I believe that it’s important to stay relevant as an artiste, hence, having a social media presence is crucial to be able to engage with fans. I think, being an artist is not just about sharing your music but also allowing fans to have a bit of access to your life, it’s also useful for promoting any upcoming projects,” she told IANS.The singer, who is known for her tracks Dream Guy, Delusional and Hold me Like You Mean It, adds that for every artiste, it is important to find your audience.”In terms of being competitive, I think there is an audience for every genre, so my approach is to find the people that love to listen to your style and music and carve a niche for that. Everybody is different hence they all have unique styles, it’s important to understand this so that it takes the edge off the competitiveness somewhat,” she says.Talking about competition, she adds: “I don’t view the music industry as any sort of competition, I feel that art appreciation is far more important.”



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