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Ishika Taneja works with a fractured arm before the Miss World Tourism competition and still bagged the award

Mumbai : Ishika Taneja is someone who knows nothing like giving up. She fractured her arm before the competition and still worked out and did everything possible to go and win the competition. We see this incredible video where she is actually working out with one arm plastered. Yes, you read that right. Ishika Taneja won the title of Miss World Tourism post this. She is also a Guinness world record holder. She was lazer focused and all she could see was winning that crown for India. It is incredible to find what focus and passion for the country could make you do. We push our boundaries so much that there are no limits for us.We spoke to Ishika briefly and here is something that she shares, “The pain was immense after the fracture and it would take me an hour to just get up from bed and finish my morning routine. The pageant was nearing and I had no way out but to give my two hundred percent when I am representing India. We are Hindustani and we are the best. When it comes to the human spirit, no one is better than us. I would just make it a point to turn for my training even though the doctors have asked me not to move at all. But the fun is in defying the odds. The work paid off and we have the crown. It’s not mine, it belongs to the country. I was deeply humbled to see the celebrations and the reception I received when I returned. Everything was absolutely worth it.”Ishika is a great example for us to follow. As she says, the human spirit knows no boundaries and it is times like these that the best version of ourselves need to step up



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