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Rahul Khanna lends voice to a video highlighting “Being Comfortable in one’s own skin” featuring people from different walks of life!

Mumbai : Rahul Khanna has lent his voice for in for a brand new video for a campaign to communicate being comfortable in one’s skin. This is an initiative by the apparel brand Cottonworld which is synonymous with comfortable clothing, celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. To make this milestone memorable, the brand has launched a unique video ‘It’s My Nature’, with the voiceover of actor Rahul Khanna. Shot by Gautam Kohli, this new brand film in every true sense epitomizes a celebration of comfortable clothing.

Rahul Khanna was the perfect representative of an individual to lend a voice to the campaign that speaks strongly of comfort in one’s own skin. The videos featured individuals who are living their life on their own terms, on their own rules, and reflect the promise of the brand of absolute comfort. Featured in the video are students, MMA fighters, people in the professional and creative world, and creative artists like dancers and content creators.

Shedding light on this importantly unique video, actor Rahul Khanna said, “Comfort is deeply rooted in the foundation of the brand. Their new collection features timeless garments, characterized for their comfort and versatility, which offer us style in our daily routines. Their new film titled “It’s my nature” is narrated by me.It’s a liberating message that states no matter who we are & what we do, to be comfortable with ourselves.

The narrative is compelling & everyone cast in the film is real, and relatable & staying true to themselves & their part of the story. Lending my voice to this film & celebrating these unique individuals was a great experience.”



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