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Rupali Ganguly decodes her chemistry with Gaurav Khanna in ‘Anupamaa’

Mumbai : Actress Rupali Ganguly in the titular role of the popular show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting attention due to her chemistry with actor Gaurav Khanna as ‘Anuj Kapadia’. He is playing a business tycoon and ‘Anupamaa’s college friend.The actress opens up about her pairing with Gaurav and the positive feedback she is getting. Rupali has been depicting the Gujarati homemaker and a woman with strong character and values. With the entry of Gaurav, there is a new twist in the show and her relationship with him is making the storyline more intriguing.”I think the pairing is getting a good response and I would just say God is being kind and I couldn’t have been more grateful,” says Rupali.Rupali adds, defining Gaurav as a co-actor: “I was very skeptical about who will be coming because either you click with your co-actor or probably as actors you are not on the same page and then it gets a little bit difficult to do the scenes. Gaurav is such an easy going person and a fabulous performer.

“When two actors are working and there are certain nuances that every actor has brought into his or her character and the actor in front picks up those nuances and takes the scenes further from there. Even the smallest detail and the smallest look share probably a nice understanding between two actors is what translates into chemistry between two characters.”According to her, Gaurav fits perfectly into the character of ‘Anuj’ on screen and says no one else could have done this role better than him. “It’s wonderful that Gaurav is playing ‘Anuj’ and I couldn’t have been happier. I challenge you to think of any other actor who could be playing that role. Gaurav as a co-star is wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for something better. There could have been no better ‘Anuj’ than Gaurav Khanna.”


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