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Vainkaiah Naidu responds to Ajay Sharma’s prayer for help for experimental facilities so that India may get Nobel Prize in Physics

Shimla: The Vice President had written to Secretary Science and Technology, Govt of India , New Delhi to help Sharma in conducting experiments to confirm inadequacy of Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Sharma has prayed to the Vice President , to provide experimental facilities , so that he may prove inadequacy of 335 years old Newton’s third law experimentally , the project can get the Nobel Prize for India in Physics. The D O Note (VPS /R-04.02.2021/US dated 4th February 2021 ) of Vice-President of India is gratefully attached with all respects as a matter of GRATITUDE as here is someone in India who cares for innovators.In the month of January 2021 Sharma had written to President of India Sh. Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister of India, Sh Narender Modi Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan , Minister of state of finance Sh. Anjurag Thakur , Home Minister Sh. Amit Shah etc. for help in conducting experiments.Sh. Anurag Thakur had earlier responded.Ajay Sharma has been spending family money on basic laws of science since the past 38 years. He is retiring from job on 31st March 2021. The financial problem would increase after retirement for independent research.
What is the issue?
Independent researcher Ajay Sharma has modified 335 years old Newton’s Third Law of Motion. The scientific community including National Physical Laboratory ( NPL) of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research New Delhi has found experiments proposed by Ajay Sharma , original and valid. In the written report Director of NPL , New Delhi and Senior Principal Scientist Dr VPS Awana has encouraged Sharma to prove inadequacy of Newton’s law experimentally after obtaining financial assistance.
Scientific point : Ajay Sharma has put forth that Newton’s third law of motion neglects shape of bodies. In case of freely falling and rebounding bodies of rubber /plastic ( mass 200 grams , say) the results are not in accordance with Newton’s Law. This deduction can be experimentally confirmed finally.But the bodies of same material and mass of different shapes i.e. spherical, semi-spherical, umbrella shaped, triangular, square, hexagonal, polygon, cone, long pipe, flat, irregular or any feasible typical shape etc. do not appear to obey Newton’s law. In the past 335 years scientists have not checked the effect of shape experimentally, even then Newton ‘s is regarded as true. Sharma has raised this issue in various international conferences, journals and media. Sharma has published first research paper on this issue in 1999. Sharma has modified Newton’s law about 22 years ago. Scientists have found Sharma’s claim scientifically valid after long deliberations.
American scientists found it a Nobel Prize winning project
On 1st August 2018, Sharma presented a paper in Washington in conference of American Association of Physics Teachers. During the presentation one of American scientists said“Ajay Sharma if you prove effect of shape on Newton’s Third Law of Motion experimentally then it would mean Nobel Prize for India.”
Sharma attended the conference in the USA spending from own purse.On 22nd August 2018, Professor Gordon P Ramsey ( Loyola University Chicago), President of American Association of Physics Teachers , wrote that these experiments may prove Newton’s Law incorrect. Afterwards Sharma set to work on Newton’s third law with full dedication leaving other research aside.
Ajay Sharma has requested the Govt of India on the issue
(i) On 18 June 2015, Ajay Sharma submitted in person his two innovative books to Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan. Minister sent the books for evaluation to Secretary Department of Science and Technology, Professor Ashutosh Sharma. Secretary further sent the books as standard procedure to Executive Secretary (Dr Neeraj Kumar) National Academy of Sciences India Prayagraj (Allahabad). A committee of experts has been constituted (Ajay was informed by email) on 11 April 2016.But even over 5 years no report has been submitted by a committee of expert scientists. Sharma has requested Dr Neeraj Kumar that he is ready to deliver a seminar on Modification of Newton’s Third Law of Motion in front of a committee of expert scientists, but no opportunity is given. What can an individual like Ajay Sharma do? Ajay is ready to prove his point in an open seminar if the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi gives him an opportunity. Ajay is ready to spend own money purposely. Why he is not given an opportunity by DST , New Delhi when the Govt of India spends crore of Rupees on innovations every minutes? Does Govt of India had soft corner for Newton that his limitations are not brought into the eyes of the world and pushes Ajay Sharma extremely low thinking that he and his appreciated research (worth for Nobel Prize) is meaningless ?
However Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research New Delhi , Dr Shekar C Mande has acted swiftly. Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan had asked Sharma to write to Director General CSIR, New Delhi along with a complete proposal on Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Ajay immediately wrote to Dr Mande. In Oct 2019, a report on paper on modification of Newton’s third law of motion was sent within a few months. The proposal was appreciated and Ajay Sharma was asked to get financial support and perform experiments so that modification of the third law of motion may be put in actual practice.
(ii) Recently in the month of January 2021, Sh. Anurag Thakur, Minister of State of Finance and corporate affairs wrote Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan to help Ajay Sharma in conducting experiments, Sharma has written that the success of experiments means Nobel Prize for India.
Dr Harsh Vardhan sent a letter to Secretary Science and Technology, New Delhi. The proposal was examined at departmental level and all facts and figures given by Sharma were found correct.Sharma was advised to submit proposal on line under Core Research Grant scheme The project was prepared and submitted at website and response was strange“As you are retiring at age of 58, so your proposal cannot be accepted.”
So this is the system. Is research not right of a common person who is 58 years old? At least proposals should have been taken, evaluated and suggestions should be given to innovators. We need to change the system.
(iii) In January 2021 Ajay Sharma has written to Prime Minister of India Sh. Narender Modi, President of India Sh. Ram Nath Kovind, Home Minister Sh. Amit Shah, BJP President Sh J P Nadda by surface mail enclosing about 35 pages. The response is being awaited.
Sharma has clearly stated in subject line that this project can get NOBEL PRIZE for INDIA.
Thanks to Anurag Thakur who has already responded.
Help from State Government HP
Ajay Sharma’s request for financial assistance for research is being considered as a SPECIAL CASE by the Finance Department of Himachal Pradesh Government for Rs. Ten Lakhs.After working on the basic laws for 38-39 years on own purse Ajay Sharma is retiring on 31st March 2021His financial problems would increase after retirement. How he can continue research. Is research the right of privileged people in India only?
Ajay Sharma, Deputy District Education Officer (former lecturer Physics, DAV College Chandigarh)
Email [email protected] Mobile 94184 50899



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