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75th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam Commences

“Humanism Blended With Spiritualism Leads To A Perfect Human”: Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Samalkha : “Spiritualism can be blended with humanism only through God Knowledge and can create a perfect human being,” was the clarion call given by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj in Her Message to Mankind while inaugurating the 75th Annual Nirankari Samagam, here today.

Sanyojak of Chandigarh told that thousands of devotees from Chandigarh have reached this Samagam.The 4 day Nirankari Sant Samagam being currently held at Sant Nirankari Spiritual Complex, G.T. Road, Samalkha, is themed on Spirituality and Humanity Hand in Hand.’

The Samagam is being attended by lakhs of devotees of the Mission and other God loving people from all over India and across the world.Satguru Mata Ji appreciated the service to humanity performed by Nirankari Sewadal and referred to their spirit of selfless service with which they served tirelessly during the entire period of pandemic by organising blood donation camps, vaccination camps, conducting sanitisation drives and making available provisions viz. food, medicines, household items for the poor and needy across the world.

Satguru Mata Ji also said that apart from the pandemic, the situation of war between various countries have also risen in the past two years. There have been walls of hatred which needs to be replaced with bridges of love.

This can bring unity in diversity and human beings will be able to live with all happiness and solace.Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj and her spouse Raj Pita Ramit Ji were welcomed with a bouquet of flowers by Central Planning and Advisory Board Members.

Thereafter, they were led in an open flower bedecked vehicle which also carried the logo of 75th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam. Enroute the procession, thousands of devotees greeted their Satguru and were being blessed by Her Holiness.

The devotees attending the Samagam were overwhelmed at the presence of their beloved Satguru Mata Ji and could not hold back that their tears – of love and devotion.Satguru Mata Ji further guided that on attaining God Knowledge, one’s Soul meets the Super Soul and generates feeling of selfless love for humanity.

The concepts of Universal Brotherhood, World without Walls and Equality become all the more clear. We begin to understand that every soul is a part of the Super Soul. Thus, each moment of our life becomes beautiful.

We move in the right direction and at the same time inspire others to live in the same manner. We must constantly focus to raise the stature of our inner-self along with beautifying our outer persona.

Sewadal Rally

For the first time in the history of Sant Nirankari Samagam, one complete day of the Samagam was dedicated to the Sewadal volunteers. On Wednesday 16th November, a colourful Sewadal Rally was organised revolving around the saying, “They serve the best, who serve silently.”

With the members of the Sewadal presenting a co-ordinated display of acts and formations with physical exercises, games and aerobics in their sewadal uniforms. During the Rally, Sewadal volunteers presented a multi-lingual and multifaceted programme which included skits titled ‘Ehsaas Sewa ka’, ‘Tan Man Dhan ki Sewa’ ;Grihst Mein Sewa’, ‘Mann Savdhan’.

Sewadal volunteers who came from various parts of the country presented multiple devotional songs in Haryanvi, Marathi, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Konkani and Bhojpuri. The volunteers also presented an impressive show of P.T. exercises to bring forward the importance of physical fitness in day to day life of human beings.

Blessing the Sewadal volunteers, Satguru Mata Ji called upon them to perform Sewa without any ego and without any expectation. Sewa should be taken as a duty rather than a right. Sewa is performed with a spirit of dedication and devotion.

Sewadal volunteers take Sewa as a blessing. Satguru Mata Ji appreciated the spirit of Sewadal who perform not only their worldly duties but also attend Sewa for the humanity as well.



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