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Unconditional Love Towards God Is True Devotion: Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Samalkha : “Unconditional love towards God is true devotion and an insignia of saints,” was stated here by Nirankari Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj while addressing a mammoth gathering of devotees and other God loving people on the inaugural day of the 75th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam, Sanyojak of Chandigarh told that thousands of devotees from Chandigarh have reached this Samagam.

Satguru Mata Ji further explained that a true devotee serves everybody with love considering them as embodiment of God and being devoid of any vested interest. His devotion is neither driven by fear nor by emotions. It is purely driven by selfless spirit and guided by the fact; love begets love.

Her Holiness further citing an example of a seed which has the potential to become a big tree that bears flowers and fruits, offers shadow to others, possesses medicinal value, and becomes useful to everybody in all aspects.

Similarly, a human being has ample potential to become spiritual and useful for the entire humanity. A spiritually grown human being acts without any discrimination of caste, creed, colors, region or language, instead bears humanitarian feelings towards the entire mankind.

Hence, the theme of Samagam – ‘Spirituality and Humanity hand in hand,’ is being enacted here.Satguru Mata Ji further highlighted that in case a seed gets vitiated, there is a possibility of reviving it, similarly, a human being devoid of God Knowledge can be transformed into an enlightened being.

Her Holiness called upon the devotees of the Mission to work towards spreading God Knowledge to those who are still devoid of it.Referring to the Samagam in the last 75 years, Satguru Mata Ji said that irrespective of the number of years that the devotee has attended, all are experiencing the same Bliss today.

The Mission is giving the message of Truth since 90 years even though Samagam is being organized for past 75 years. Once we realize that God is eternal, human values surmount us and we lead the path that combines spiritualism and humanism.

Truth doesn’t change with time, it is eternal. Satguru Mata Ji further added that once God is realized, enlightened saints remain in equilibrium in every situation.

Nirankari Exhibition

Another landmark feature of the Nirankari Sant Samagam is “Nirankari Exhibition” which had started in the year 1972 and since then, it showcases Mission’s history, ideology, social activities and humanitarian work being performed in continuum.

This year, too, the Nirankari Exhibition is an attraction and thousands of Nirankari devotees and other God-loving people have paid visit to the Exhibition since the onset and still continuing.

The Nirankari Exhibition, this year is divided into six parts which include Studio Divine, Kids Exhibition, Social Welfare Division, Theatre and Design Studio. The Exhibition has made an excellent use of modern technology and techniques thus making it unique and inspiring.



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