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‘Koorman’ is about a mentalist who can read minds: Director Bryan B George

Chennai : Director Bryan B George’s upcoming investigative thriller ‘Koorman’, featuring actors Rajaji, Janani Iyer and Balasaravanan in the lead, will revolve around a mentalist, who can read the minds of people!Talking to IANS, director George, who worked with director Ramesh on the critically acclaimed investigative thriller ‘Thegidi’, said: “‘Koorman’ is a word which I derived from the Tamil word ‘Koormai’ meaning sharpness. I wanted to indicate that my film’s protagonist had a sharp mind and hence chose the title.”Giving out more details about the plot of the film, the director said: “I don’t think there has ever been a film in Tamil cinema until now where the story actually revolves around a mind reader. My film may well be the first.

“Rajaji plays Dhanasekhar, a mentalist who can read the minds of others, irrespective of how hard they try to hide details from him. Imagine what would happen if cops choose to use such a man to solve crimes? How the cops use him to investigate difficult cases is what Koorman will be about.”The team had recently released the film’s first look which caught the attention of everybody for the manner in which it had been designed. The first look had Rajaji, Janani Iyer and Balasarvanan next to each other with their images being reflected below.Strangely though, while Rajaji’s and Balasaravanan’s reflections are seen, Janani Iyer’s is missing. Talking about this, he smiled and said: “Yes, Janani’s character is an illusion. Which is why you won’t see her image in the reflection in the first look image that we released.”The film, which has music by Tony Britto and cinematography by Shakthi Arvind, is ready for release, the director signs off.



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