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Christian Bale’s entire family asked him to play Gorr, the God Butcher

Mumbai : Hollywood star Christian Bale said that his entire family said that he has to play Gorr, the God Butcher in the film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.”I explained it would mean leaving Los Angeles, and my kids said: “We’re going!” recalls Bale.

“This is the only film that my entire family has said I have to do,” he added.Bale further said that Gorr’s character is a lovely tale.”Just the notion of this guy … I mean, he’s Gorr the God Butcher, right? The name kind of tells you who he is.

Straight away, you know he’s a serial killer bent on killing gods. But it’s a lovely tale. He’s upset and confused and comes to an epiphany,” said Bale adding that Gorr’s epiphany, based on deep and genuine feelings, is both alarming and almost understandable.

“There’s so much drama and insanity around Gorr, but Christian Bale managed to pull the focus right into each moment. You can’t take your eyes off him. The character is fascinating because Gorr has a point like all good villains.

He may not be going about it the right way, but there’s empathy in the script, and Christian brought so many more layers and depth to Gorr,” said Chris Hemsworth.Hemsworth’s co-stars were also taken aback by Bale’s performance, with Portman confessing: “All of us were a little scared in Gorr’s presence.”‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.



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