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Utkarsh Saxena’s new single all about unrequited love

Mumbai : The new music video titled ‘Kya thi dosti’, which features television actors Kanika Mann and Karan Singh Chhabra, is all about unrequited love. Utkarsh Saxena, a young singer formerly known for his numbers ‘Yaad Aunga’ and ‘Kanha’, has lent his voice to the track.The song talks about being friend-zoned and depicts how much it hurts when a person realises that the one who meant everything to him/her does not respect the feeling, or respond to it. The video is all about a college student and his unrequited love.

Opening up about having a similar experience in his college days, Karan said: “There was this girl in college who I used to like but she used to treat me as a friend. I used to do all her tasks with the expectation that some day she would fall for me, but I was wrong.”He added: “That’s what we’ve tried to show in our song. It’s better to move on rather than engaging in one-sided love or being friend-zoned. It’s a very relevant concept. I know that young people are going to love this song.”Quizzed if she has ever friend-zoned someone in real life, Kanika said: “You know, some guys keep nurturing hopes even after you tell them that we cannot be anything but good friends. That’s where the problem arises.”(‘Kya thi dosti’ has been released on the YouTube Channel of 9191 Media)



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