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Kiren Rijiju meets Khamba Lama in Mongolia

Ulan Bator : As part of the activity involving placing of the holy relic at the Gandam monastery in Ulan Bator, Union Minister of Law and Justice Kiren Rijiju held a meeting with Khamba Nomun Khan (Khamba Lama) of the GandanMonastery.

This was a meeting of old friends as both have met on a few occasions in the past and Rijiju has had the opportunity of hosting Khamba Lama in New Delhi.During the meeting on Monday, Khamba Lama mentioned about the traditional old relations between India and Mongolia wherein Buddhism has played an important role over the years.

He referred to the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi on non-violence which he said the world should learn from, especially when there exists violence, conflict and anarchy in parts of the world. He also referred to the enormous role played by Ambassador Kushak Bakula who was India’s envoy to Mongolia during the 1990s and had introduced Buddhism in its modern form which Mongolia was detached from following the communist rule for years.

Khamba Lama mentioned about the statue of Buddha which was gifted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi some years ago and which saw through the period of pandemic supporting and blessing the people of Mongolia.

He mentioned about the shift in Buddhist teachings that historically came from Tibet and now was coming from India.Khamba Lama also mentioned about the assistance being given by India for setting up the oil refinery in Mongolia which will certainly have significant impact on the country’s economy.

He said that Mongolia relies on India as a reliable nation which follows a policy of balance in international relations and also in Asia. He appreciated the fact that the relic was brought to Mongolia on board a marvellous and large aircraft.

Rijiju recalled his visits to Mongolia in the past and the friendship he had developed with prominent leaders across the country.He mentioned about the significance of the relic of Buddha and expressed satisfaction at the fact that he was able to personally accompany the relic.

He reiterated that the relic does not usually travel abroad, but this time it was decided to not only bring the relic to Mongolia but also to make it available to the people of Mongolia to pay their obeisance to the relic for the next 11 days.

The Minister mentioned that this visit gave him the opportunity of staying in touch with his friends in Mongolia through the Buddhism circuit and also to further strengthen relations between the two countries.
He specially thanked Khamba Lama for the crucial role he has been playing in linking the people of both the nations.Rijiju also mentioned that relations between the two countries was strong and versatile and had stood the test of time.

This, he said, was mainly due to the genuine friendship and understanding that existed between the peoples and leaders of both the countries.He said that besides Buddhism, there are several other areas of cooperation which will enable a strong bond between the two countries.



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