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Meet Real “Padwomen” of Kashmir : Irfana Zargar

Srinagar : You all must have heard the term ”Pad Man” in Bollywood. But do you know their is also a Girl in our kashmir Valley who is known as “Padwomen” Namely ( Irfana Zargar-) who is a Household Name among the girls distribute Sanitary Pads among Lockdown free of cost at door steps. A Unique initiative under the banner of “EvaSafetydoor” Is carried by irfana zargar. I Do this Only to contribute somthing for Humanity & for the sawab of my beloved Father late Gh Hassan Zargar says proud daughter irfana zargar. Irfana zargar’s “Eva safetyDoor” In Pandemic Covid 19 Amid Lockdown became a helping hand among needy girls as she distributed sanitary Pads to them free of cost.Irfan Zarger took this Unique Initiative in Srinagar to reach out unprivileged Girl families distribute Sanitary pads other releated items among them at their door steps free of cost.She stood to bring menstrual hygiene in Society via her unique drive “EvaSafetyDoor” and is tirelessly working to ensure availability of sanitary pads Napkins, at public washrooms in Srinagar. She is neither part of any NGO nor funded by any group, she pays from her Pocket ‘not handsome’ salary. Eva Pride.Hails from Nowshera Srinagar the 28 year old Irfana is doing job in SMC (Srinagar Municipal Corporation) as Consolidated basis (Helpline Assistant )and I save little salary in month and use it for Napkins, pads, Panties and reach out to the poor girls and given them these items free of cost. Irfana zargar has becomes a household name especially among underprivileged women families in valley.Talking to Irfana Zargar she said, I did this Social work not for Publicity or fame but for my Baba who is no more in this world, I stood and work for this Noble work and dedicated this Social cause for my late father to make him proud and I hope Allah will reward him in “Jannah.”(Ameen) .She added that I lived with mom and My mom fully supported me in this Social cause and she always talks about me in front of people that i am not girl but a Son & my husband for her.
Breaking the ice on menstrual hygiene, Irfana also hopes to enhance the understanding on the same. “One does not become a lesser human being or feel the need to hide from public view or make life-altering compromises for something that’s entirely natural and normal”, it’s god gift said irfana.Irfana zargar steps up to bring women essentials in public toilets. She voluntarily puts Sanitizers, Pads, Panties, etc. in the Srinagar City in this Pandemic.I had a target of distributing aroud 10000 Pads and so far i have distributed around 5000 Pads. InshAllah I will achieve my target and my mission is to reach every corner in sate to help the destitute girls.Majority of the girls don’t use Sanitary pads due to poorness and unwarness and various other reasons and become victim of serious diseases which is alarming in our valley. Says Irfana .I try my effort for this work and I become happy if more People not only girls but boys as well come forward and join me in this Social work and jointly become a healthier society as far as women is concerned.I pledged Lot of NGO’s who were distributing food and essential items and Sanitary pads along with panties to underprivileged girls as their was shortage during Lockdown and ensure good health and hygiene of women.I feel pain for underprivileged family girls as I also belong to poor and my aim is to carry forward my fathers mission who stood always for needy people and I am proud daughter of my Dad and want to make this social work for him alive.In Lockdown I recieve 100’sof SoS Calls for Sanitary pads due to shortage and I tried to reach every sister around vicinity for their door steps.I am Thankful for my Family, Friends and Sisters of valley especially those people who always supported me in this work during this Pandemic and appreciate my role and work gives me confidence to do this Social cause in future.Irfana issued a helpline and email address for poor these girls who shy always to buy these items and some can’t afford and they can reach me at ([email protected]) I will donate pads and other items them free of cost.



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