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Dharmasthali will be developed as world pilgrimage city and divine Kurukshetra : Bandaru Dattatreya

Governor offers prayers at Tirupati Balaji temple and Maa Bhadrakali temple, inspects Geeta Sthali Jyotisar               

Kurukshetra : Newly appointed Haryana Governor, Bandaru Dattatreya said that Dharmanagari Kurukshetra would be developed into a world class pilgrimage city. The Central and State Government aims to develop Kurukshetra as a tourist, religious and cultural city.Governor Bandaru Dattatreya was interacting with journalists during his visit to Kurukshetra on Sunday.Earlier, the Governor planted sandalwood and Rudraksh saplings on the premises of International Guest House in Kurukshetra University.Thereafter, the Governor offered prayers to Lord Venkateswara, Lakshmi Devi and Gowda Devi at the Tirupati Balaji temple. After this, the Governor reached the Brahmasarovar Purushotampura Bagh and offered prayers at the Brahma Sarovar and worshiped the waters of the Brahma Sarovar.On reaching Brahmasarovar Purushotampura Bagh, MLA, Sh. Subhash Sudha, Deputy Commissioner, Sh. Mukul Kumar, Superintendent of Police, Sh. Himanshu Garg, Vice Chancellor, Kurukshetra University,  Professor Somnath Sachdeva, Registrar, KUK, Sh. Sanjeev Sharma, and Honorary Secretary, KDB, Sh.  Madan Mohan Chhabra greeted Sh. Bandaru Dattatreya and his wife and presented a memento to the first lady of the State, Smt. Bandaru Vasantha.A memento was also presented to Secretary to Governor, Sh. Atul Dwivedi. On this occasion, the Governor’s son-in-law Dr. Jignesh Reddy, and daughter, Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi, accompanied the Governor. During this, Governor, Sh. Bandaru Dattatreya also posed for a group portrait with his relatives and administrative officials.After this, the Governor reached Kurukshetra Geeta Sthali Jyotisar and Maa Bhadrakali temple and offered prayers to Maa Kali. Here the Chairperson of Bhadrakali Temple, Sh. Satpal Sharma offered prayers and presented a memento to the Governor.

Along with this, the Governor also visited various religious and historical places of Kurukshetra. Sh. Bandaru Dattatreya said that after taking over as Governor, the first place he has visited is the land of heroes, where the Mahabharata  took place, Kurukshetra.After coming from Himachal Pradesh to Kurukshetra, the land of pilgrimages he has experienced spiritual peace.  Kurukshetra, the land of Mahabharata and ancient heritage, is an invaluable gift of Indian culture. The message of religion was given from the land of Kurukshetra, religion is the best, there is only one religion of the whole world. The message of the holy book Gita is important for the whole world. The essence of the holy book Gita and our Indian traditions should be imbibed by the youth in their lives. The Gita is not a book of religion, the holy book Gita gives understanding of religion, consciousness towards one’s duties, towards one’s convenience. Therefore, Kurukshetra is being developed as a world class pilgrimage site. He said that he will attend board meetings regarding the ongoing project in Kurukshetra so that such projects can continue even further.He said that work has been done to give international status to Kurukshetra, to bring this holy place on the world map from the point of view of tourism and spirituality. This tourist place will become a centre of faith in the coming times. In the Gita, thousands of years ago Lord Shri Krishna gave the teachings of Gita on the land of Kurukshetra,  those teachings contain the summary of all the scriptures. Every country in the world has its own specialty, but Spirituality is the specialty of India. The person who holds this holy book Gita in life never harbours hatred towards anyone and that human always walks on the path shown by God.In order to make people all over the world aware of the religious and mythological history of Kurukshetra, work is being done to give Kurukshetra a different identity at the international. Not only people from this country, but people from all over the world should visit Kurukshetra atleast once. To develop this area as a tourist destination, it has been included in the Sri Krishna circuit. Crores of rupees are being spent on Kurukshetra for this purpose.







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