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Sacred Forest inaugurated at Guru Nanak Dev University

Sacred Forest gives message to stop degradation of environment : Prof. Sandhu

Amritsar : Forests are being eradicated from the earth on the name of development and the ecological balance has been severely affected as a result. By inaugurating the sacred forest of 2000 trees and bushes at Guru Nanak Dev University, Vice Chancellor Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu today once again conveyed the message of “Balhari Kudrat Vaseya” and pointed out that the word ‘development’ should be redefined and all aspects of life including environment must be included in the meaning of ‘development’ word. The sacred forest also depicts a message that if forests are not preserved on earth, our next generation would face degraded environment and surroundings resulting in major health problems.The forest is dedicated to the 550th Prakash Purab of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji in which 28 percent shady trees, 24 percent fruit trees, 24 percent flower trees and 24 percent medicinal plants are being planted in 2 acres land of the University. This forest is being prepared by Baba Sewa Singh Khadur Sahib and the Sikh Sangat. During the inaugural function of the forest, Baba Sewa Singh, Prof. Dr. Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Vice Chancellor, Dr. J.S. Bilga, Horticulture Consultant and other eminent personalities of the university and the city were present.Baba Sewa Singh said that Nishan-e-Sikhi, Kar Sewa Khadur Sahib has planted 48 forests in different places and today the 49th forest is being planted at Guru Nanak Dev University. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jaspal Singh Sandhu said that the University had always been active in working for the betterment of the environment. He said that apart from planting forests, about 700 trees are also being planted along the roadsides in the University.Dr.J.S. Bilga said that various shady, fruit, flower and medicinal plants including Trivaini (Bohar Pipple Neem) (Harar Behera Awla), Sandalwood, Jand, Tahli, Desi Kicker, Shahitut, Arjun, Gullar, Dharek, Mango, Jaman, Guava, Peach, Lasura, Desi Beri, Bill Patar, Anaar, Dheu, Bakain, Sharih, Suhanjana, Kachnar, Putran Jiva, Curry Leaf, Wheat Champa, Jhirmil Sukhchain, Sukhchain, Teak, Dhak, Amaltas, Mountain Kicker, Bamboo, Chandni, Sauni, Marua or Madhu Kamni, Haar Shingaar, Raat ki Rani, Jatropha, Kaner, Chakrasia, Tun, Kusam, Fig, Kathal etc. are being planted in this forest.


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